Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Teaser Tuesday


Today's Teaser Tuesday is Clockwork Angle by Cassandra Clare!

  To participate in Teaser Tuesday, simply choose a book that you are currently reading, or that you have in your review pile, pick a random page and share it on your blog. Remember not to include spoilers!!!

Written By Cassandra Clare
Released October 4, 2011

  "You stupid little girl," Mrs. Black spat as she jerked tight the knots holding Tessa's wrists to her bed frame. "What did you think you were going to accomplish, running away like that? Where do you think you could possibly go?"
  Tessa said nothing, simply set her chin and looked toward the wall. She refused to let Mrs. Black, or her horrible sister, see how close she was to tears, or how much the ropes binding her ankles and wrists to the bed hurt.
  "She is entirely insensible of the honor being done to her," said Mrs. Dark, who was standing by the door as if to make sure Tessa didn't rip free of her bonds and rush out through it. "It is disgusting to behold."
  "We have done what we can for her to make her ready for the Magister," Mrs. Black said, and sighed. "A pity we had such dull clay to work with, despite her talent. She is a deceitful little fool."
  "Indeed," agreed her sister. "She does realize, doesn't she, what will happen to her brother if she tries to disobey us again? We might be willing to lenient this time, but the next..." She hissed through her teeth, a sound that made the hairs raise up on the back of Tessa's neck. "Nathaniel will not be so fortunate." 

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