Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Reluctant Knight by Doug Glener: Review

The Reluctant Knight by Doug Glener
Publication Date: January 15, 2013
Source: Review Copy From Author
Pages: 266

The Reluctant Knight

3.5 out of 5 stars

Percival Adler always dreamed of going on a quest-until he stumbled into a real one. Now he's found himself entangled in an adventure with a Mongol warlord, an insane pharaoh, and the greatest samurai of 19th-century Japan. The cast of characters takes to Manhattan in search of a legendary relic that gives its wielder unimaginable power. 
Inside: lost civilizations, time-traveling warriors, suspicious parents, barbarous hordes, and one unforgettable ride.


     "The Reluctant Knight" by Doug Glener was a fun read about overcoming your fears and being brave. The novel follows Percival, a freshman in high school as he discovers magic he could never have imagined, and, ultimately, learns the true meaning of bravery. 
     Although it contained many battles, I was never really hooked on this book. I was very easily distracted and so it took me a long time to finish. "The Reluctant Knight" is categorized as Young Adult, however, I think that it would be better suited (with a few modifications) as an older-middle grade book. But, whichever classification it falls under, the novel is definitely directed to boys, as there is no romance, and lots of action.
   What I loved most about "The Reluctant Knight" was its theme and dedication. Glener wrote a novel about a freshman that was bullied who found the courage to stand up for himself. With the common issues of bullying these days, in school and online, these are the kinds of novels we need more of.

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