Friday, June 1, 2012

The Night She Disappeared

The Night She Disappeared by April Henry
3 out of 5 stars
Quick Overview:
Gabie drives a Mini Cooper. She also works part time as a delivery girl at Pete’s Pizza. One night, Kayla—another delivery girl—goes missing. To her horror, Gabie learns that the supposed kidnapper had asked if the girl in the Mini Cooper was working that night. Gabie can’t move beyond the fact that Kayla’s fate was really meant for her, and she becomes obsessed with finding Kayla. She teams up with Drew, who also works at Pete’s. Together, they set out to prove that Kayla isn’t dead—and to find her before she is.

What I Thought:
This book was good. I really liked the way that you heard from everyone's point of view on the disappearance of Kayla. Another big plus in the book was how they showed newspaper articles and 911 calls throughout the book. I think these added a lot to the structure of the book. If you took these extra's away, there would simply be a book that had a creative idea, but a thin plot.
This book was a short read- I finished it in less than a day. I would recommend reading "The Night She Disappeared"  if you are ever craving getting a little scared of what might be in your closet.     


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