Saturday, May 19, 2012


Demonglass: Book 2 of the Hex Hall Series by Rachel  Hawkins
3 out of 5 stars
Quick Overview:
Sophie Mercer thought she was a witch, which was why she was sent to Hex Hall, a reform school for delinquent Prodigium (aka witches, shapeshifters, werewolves, and fairies). But that was before she discovered she's a demon, and her hot crush, Archer Cross, is an agent for The Eye, a group bent on wiping her kind off the face of the earth. What’s worse, Sophie has powers that threaten the lives of everyone she loves. Which is why she decides to go to London for the Removal, a risky procedure that will either destroy her powers forever—or kill her. But once Sophie arrives, she makes a shocking discovery: someone is raising new demons in secret and planning to use their powers to destroy the world. Meanwhile, The Eye is set on hunting Sophie down, and they’re using Archer to do it. But it’s not like she has feelings for him anymore. Does she?

 What I Thought:
Some people said these books are the next Harry Potter. Definitely not.
Don't get me wrong, I really am enjoying the series, but these have a storyline so used, it isn't totally blowing you away like it was when Harry Potter got really really famous.
These books ARE good, though. They are nice easy reads for the days when you want to read, but you don't want to use your brain. :)
As for this particular book itself, I think I liked the first one better. This one lacked in some necessary detail. But like I said, this is a nice easy read.

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